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Volume 6 Update

The titles for Volume 6 have been chosen.  Recording is underway and going well.  Are target release date is January 1, 2020.  Volume 6 Titles:Another Year is DawningAre You Washed in the BloodChrist AroseChrist Receiveth Sinful M

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VOLUME 5 Update With Titles

Some good news to share!  After some difficulty in 2019 scheduling recording time to finish the recordings of piano, organ and both played together in high and low keys, I am pleased to report that the recordings for Volume 5 are finished! 

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The Challenge With So Many Hymn Options Is...

When a single hymn title is available on CD, USB thumb drive or by MP3 download, in high or low keys, played on piano, organ or both together, it is difficult for us to know how to organize them on this site to make each option easy for our customers

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A Customer Shares How He Uses the Music

Hi, I have been using your music for over 10 years, and will describe my music system. The music is loaded into my 8 inch tablet, then connected to a small 4 channel mixer, (that clamps on the music stand). The output goes through a 24db attenu

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Hi there! What are YOUR Thoughts??

Contact us!  We want your input.  We love to hear from our customers.  Please let us know if there is something you were looking for but could not find, were having any trouble navigating our site or if you have any comments or questio

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