Hymn Accompaniment

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Experience the excellence of our church accompanists who have meticulously played and recorded hymns for use in church services or as background music. Our focus is on simplicity, delivering hymns in a pure hymnal style without any distracting frills, arpeggios, or additional voices. These recordings are ideal for churches in need of a reliable musician. Furthermore, our hymn accompaniments are compatible with popular hymnals such as the Baptist Hymnal, Great Hymns, SDA, Methodist, and more. To provide flexibility for vocal ranges, we have recorded the hymns in both high and low keys.

You can explore our full titles list or begin by selecting your preferred instrument option: Solo Piano, Solo Organ, Piano-Organ Duo

piano2.jpgorgan.jpgpiano and organ

We have recorded 175 hymns using high-quality equipment to capture the sound of a Steinway piano and a church pipe organ, played by real church accompanists in a faithful hymnal style. You can choose between solo piano, solo organ, or both played together.


Select CDs

Our hymn accompaniments are available on CDs, with each volume containing 25 hymns. Additionally, we offer a separate Christmas CD. Each volume is conveniently organized with titles listed in alphabetical order on the backs of the CD cases. You can play the CDs on any standard CD player, whether portable or connected to a church sound system or computer CD-ROM drive.

 Select MP3 Downloads

After completing your purchase, we provide links to download .zip files, each containing 25 high-quality MP3 audio files. Simply download the .zip file(s), open them, and you will have the flexibility to play, copy, and move the songs on your computer as needed. These files can be played directly from your computer or transferred to an MP3 player or mobile device for convenience. Even if you are not particularly tech-savvy, our hymn downloads are designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily manage and organize the songs for your services. You can copy and move the songs as needed. If you are downloading on an iPad or iPhone, we recommend using iZip, a free app available on the Apple Store, to download and extract the zipped files. Once downloaded, you can open and extract the zip files on your Apple device and access the hymns as required.

Select Thumb (USB Flash) Drive

Our USB thumb drive option comes pre-loaded with the hymns you order. If you order multiple volumes, we will place them on the same USB drive unless you specify in your order comments that you require separate drives. As soon as you plug the flash drive into your computer's USB port, Windows should automatically open a window, allowing you immediate access to the hymns stored on the thumb drive.