"I was a little skeptical that I could use the music included in this thumb drive, but I worked it out for playing in my church services from my iPad, a simple transfer process. Now, in small churches I serve, I can include accompaniment (and GOOD accompaniment) with our singing!" -  Rev. Richard B. Waller

"This has been wonderful for us. The hymns are a good tempo for our small congregation and the sound is excellent. Well Done!!" - Pastor Jason

"We ordered the CDs in high keys for our Sunday services when our organist is unavailable. They work perfectly. I just wish they could all fit on one disc." - G Roland - First UMC Brook Grove

"These CDs are a God send because we recently lost our pianist. The CDs are very easy for our church to sing along with because they are played much like how our pianist played them before. Thank you for a wonderful product." - Laura Newsom

"We have been using One CD #4 for the last 3 Sundays. It has been working out very well.  I see some songs in our hymnal are not listed on the CDs I purchased, so will check out more of your inventory soon. Blessings." Susan in Indiana

Thank you for your service. We purchased the hymn CDs. We used them this past Sunday and they were a blessing. We are a new church plant. Thank you."  Faith Baptist in Maryland

"We love the style you used, and we look forward to using the accompaniment in our services. This will be a great blessing. Thanks!"  Pastor Scott in TX

"Your recorded songs helped us have our regular service this (past) Sunday (considering) the musicians were out sick.  I even play some of the hymns in the morning while getting ready for work."  -John in NY 

"Just wanted to tell you that the hymn accompaniments I bought from you are fantastic. God bless." -Mike in MN

"I really like how these hymns are put together.  Our congregation is very pleased with the sound and quality of the recordings"   -R Bradley in MO

"The piano style on the CD is exactly what was needed. The folks at church really liked the music..." -Emory in OH

"Thank you- I love your products and can't wait for Volume 3 to come out"   -Jennifer in FL

"Keep up the great work! These are absolutely wonderful! Thank you." -Pastor Terry in IN

"To anyone who needs this type of music, these CDs are fantastic! "  -M. Richardson in VA

"The music you made is peaceful and a real blessing.  Give a big hug to that pianist because they made the day... We're singing along!"     -Susan in CA

"Very happy customer... We originally used CDs but converted to direct play from a PC. This is really low cost way for small church to have great music.  People are loving it."  -Brian in MN

"This is exactly what the church was looking for. Thanks." -Marilyn in IA

"Wonderful selections. Great for church services or listening at home."   -Daniel in NJ

"I have your CD's for our small home church and we love them.  You are our only pianist and we just want you to know that if you decide to add more CD's we will be sure to get them.  We love to sing ALL the verses and you have truly added a blessing to our church.  Thank you!"   -Denise in WV

"Your hymn CDs have been a miracle for our small mountain chapel... We still sing off key, but are getting closer. Thank you so much for filling our chapel with music once again." - John in CA

"We really love this music at our small church and we are recommending them to everyone."  -K Austin, in SC

"I purchased these CDs in hopes of having some piano accompaniment for our small church.  I received them very quickly and was pleased with the quality of the music." -Gretchen in MI

"Hi. Thank You for the download hymns. They are fantastic it has really helped us out loads especially because none of us here in Aberdeenshire can sing. Bill Bray once said to a congregation that would not sing 'The Lord made the nightingale as well as the Crow and He wants to hear from both of them'. God Bless" -Rev Paul.

"I am very satisfied with the product and believe the piano accompaniments on the (thumb) drive will suit the needs of our church very nicely. Thank you for providing this service and for sending the drive so promptly." - Lowell in Virginia


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