Organ CDs

Our Sing Hymns Organ CD collection of accompaniment was recorded as accompaniment by a real church organist, played in hymnal style for churches without musicians. Choose high or low keys. Listen to audio samples by selecting a CD, and viewing the titles. There are sample audio buttons to listen to a clip of each version so you can determine which key your church needs.  You may purchase high keys, low keys or both!

6 volumes of 25 hymns, 150 titles available, plus a separate Christmas CD.  Each organ hymn track begins with the last line introduction and plays through all the verses.  Simply play the CDs on a CD player over a sound system for singing along using your hymnal. The titles and track numbers are shown on the backs of the CD cases for easy disk and track selection.

For titles, sample audio, key signatures, verse counts, choose a CD option below

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