Hymns Accompaniment Tracks


Struggling to sing hymns in church without an accompanist? We can help!  Our high quality, affordable hymns accompaniment recordings are a perfect solution for churches, chapels and other ministries. Carefully played on real instruments and recorded in hymnal style by real church musicians. Choose CDsMP3 Download or loaded on a USB Thumb Drive. Available in Piano, Organ or both played together in your choice of high or low key ranges.  Read Details.

To begin, select CDs, USB Drives or MP3 Downloads. 


If your piano or organ accompanist is unavailable, order and use our recorded hymnal tracks. These were recorded by a real pianist and a real organist on quality instruments for capturing the best, full sound possible.  We've recorded a high key and a low key of every hymn, so that you can select the range that works better for your congregation. 

Each track begins with a last line introduction and is followed by each verse of the song.  We are hearing from small churches and ministries all over America and the world how much of a huge help these tracks are for them.  We encourage you to give them a try.  Should you find that they are not the right fit for your congregation or that people are having trouble singing along, then simply return and cancel your order within 30 days for a full purchase refund.  As of this writing, we have a zero return rate for our 100 hymns newly recorded version.  Your satisfaction is our top priority.