First, a little reading.  Feel free to scroll down to the good part, but we wouldn't want you to miss the details as to what our product and what we are about.  In 2005, we've put our church accompanist skills to good use by recording 300 hymn accompaniments on piano in a 'from the hymnal' style so that churches who don't have someone to play can make their 'joyful noise' in the good sense. 

We've received many requests from customers for organ accompaniments as well as options for lower keys. So, in 2018 we began the process of rerecording all 300 hymns. This time with better recording equipment and technology to capture the best quality possible sound from a tuned Steinway grand, the best possible sound from a real organ, as well as being played together.  Needless to say, this undertaking turned out to be more difficult than we imagined. Nonetheless, the process is coming along. We are releasing the new recordings in new volumes of 25 hymns as we are able to release them. We currently have 4 volumes completed (100 hymns) with 8 more (200 hymns) more to go.  

We've made our accompaniments available to you on CDs, MP3 Downloads or a USB Thumb Flash Drive in your choice of high or low keys.  Play the audio (CD player hooked up to sound system or portable CD or mp3 player) for singing hymns during services.  Your congregation will thank you. 

Each recorded hymn audio track begins with a last-line introduction, followed by multiple verses just like in church.  There are no voices, fancy arpeggios or distracting frills on the recordings.  The recordings are compatible with most hymnals including Baptist, Celebration, Great Hymns and many others.  Try it. If you find that our hymns are not the right fit, we will understand and we accept returns within 30 days and will issue a full refund without hassle. Want to read more details? Be our guest and click here.  Or, to start, choose your preferred format below.  Automatic price discounts apply when multiple items are ordered.  Thank you for visiting, and please contact us if you need help or have questions!

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