Our new edition of 100 hymns accompaniment is available in four volumes of 25 hymns, 1 disc per volume.  

The hymn titles are in alphabetical order on the discs and are printed on the back of the CD cases showing the track number. It will be easy for you to select the disc and CD track.  Play the CDs in a CD player, whether a portable one, a stereo system, one that's hooked into a church sound system, a computer that has a CD ROM drive and speakers or a computer that has a CD ROM that's hooked up to a sound system.

You may "rip" the CDs to your computer so that you can burn your own CDs for use in your services. For example, if in advance, you know which hymns you're going to use in a particular service, you would then be able to create a music CD selecting only those hymns in order so that you don't have to change out discs during the service. They would be on your burned disc in the order you selected for the play list of your burned disc.    

By Download

Even if you are not computer savvy, our hymn downloads make it easy for you to manage the songs and organize them into playlists for your services. You can even copy and move the downloaded files around as needed for your convenience.  After ordering, your order confirmation is sent to you by email which includes a "Download Files" link. From the email message, click on the link and it brings you to a special page to download zip files to your Windows PC.  NOTE: If you are downloading from an iPad or iPhone, we recommend iZip, a free app from the Apple Store for downloading and extracting zipped files.  After downloading, open/extract the zip files on your computer and access the hymns right on your computer as needed. You will need high speed Internet access to download.  

The download files are in order as they appear on each CD. You may copy and move them around as needed for use in your ministry.  

Available on a Thumb (USB Flash) Drive 

Don't want to mess with CDs or with downloading?  Order them pre-loaded on a flash drive.  The 2GB USB 2.0 flash drive will contain the MP3 files. Plug the flash drive into your computer's USB port and you'll immediately be able to access the hymns from the thumb drive. NOTE: If you order more than one volume of hymns on flash drive, we'll just combine them onto the same single flash drive for your convenience.  If, however, you would like separate drives for separate volumes ordered, let us know in your order comments during checkout so that we can do that for you.  

How to Play the MP3 Files on your Computer

When you open the folder(s) containing the hymn mp3 files, you should see the songs listed in alphabetical order inside the folder.  If you double-click on the song it should begin to play on your computer's default media player software such as Windows Media Player. Make sure your sound and speakers are on.  

If you'd like to create short play lists to organize the songs in order for use in the service you can create a playlist in Windows Media Player. This is located in the right-hand side of Windows Media Player.  With Windows Media Player open and your folders containing the hymns open, you can click on the hymn you want to use, and with your mouse, drag the song into the "Drag items here to create a playlist" section in Windows Media Player. When you release your mouse button, the song will appear in the playlist in WMP.  Do this for each song and then in WMP you can click and drag the songs up or down to change the order of them that you're planning to use in your service.  In WMP, save your playlist.  When it comes time to play them in your service, use Windows Media Player and play the songs in your selected play list at the right times. 

We are confident in our products and service, and we strive for your complete satisfaction.  If you find that your order does not meet your needs, you can return your order within 30 days, and we will issue a full refund without hassle. 

We ship quickly via USPS Mail.  During checkout, choose Priority Mail, First Class or Media Mail where available.

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