25 Hymns Volume 3 PIANO ORGAN Duo LOW Keys MP3 Download (1 Zip File)

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25 Hymns Volume 3 PIANO ORGAN Duo LOW Keys MP3 Download (1 Zip File)


playsample.pngA Change to Keep I Have,4,G
playsample.pngAbide With Me,4,Bb
playsample.pngAll Hail the Power,4,C
playsample.pngAll the Way My Savior Leads Me,3,C
playsample.pngBe Thou My Vision,5,Bb
playsample.pngBreathe On Me Breath of God,4,C
playsample.pngBy the Sea of Crystal,4,D
playsample.pngCome Thou Long Expected Jesus,2,C
playsample.pngGive Me Jesus,3,F
playsample.pngGo Ye Into All the World,4,E
playsample.pngHe Leadeth Me,4,Ab
playsample.pngHe Lives,3,F
playsample.pngI Know Whom I Have Believed,4,Bb
playsample.pngO Sacred Head Now Wounded,3,G
playsample.pngRock of Ages,3,F
playsample.pngSoftly and Tenderly,3,D
playsample.pngSweet Hour of Prayer,3,G
playsample.pngTake Time to Be Holy,3,C
playsample.pngTell Me the Old Old Story,3,G
playsample.pngThe Master Has Come,3,C
playsample.pngTis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus,4,D
playsample.pngTrust and Obey,4,C
playsample.pngWe Gather Together,3,A
playsample.pngWhiter Than Snow,4,Eb
playsample.pngWonderful Words of Life,3,B

These hymns were recorded in lower key signatures for those who struggle to sing in normal or high vocal ranges.  We've made 25 MP3 files for our second volume organ with piano played together, into one zip file. After checkout, you'll receive an immediate email with a link to a special page with the zip file which contains the 25 mp3 hymn piano-organ audio files.  Download the zip file to your computer, open/extract them and you'll have all 25 of them ready to play from your computer or device as needed for your ministry. If you're downloading to an Apple device, use the iZip app available on the Apple Store in order to extract the zip file.  

Our organ hymns were recorded by a church organist and pianist in hymnal style, with last-line introductions, followed by all the verses. Most of the hymns have four verses, some more, and some fewer. There are no voices, distracting frills or fancy embellishments. Just piano accompaniment played in hymnal style as played in most traditional churches.