25 Hymns Volume 2 PIANO ORGAN Duo CD

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25 Hymns Volume 2 PIANO ORGAN Duo CD
All Creatures of Our God and King 5V,Ebplaysample.pngBbplaysample.png 
Alleluia Sing to Jesus 3,Abplaysample.pngEbplaysample.png
Bind Us Together 1,Fplaysample.pngCplaysample.png
Blessed Assurance 3,Dplaysample.pngAplaysample.png
Bring Them In Abplaysample.pngEbplaysample.png
Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies,3,Fplaysample.pngCplaysample.png
Come Thou Almighty King 3,Gplaysample.pngDplaysample.png
Day By Day 3,Ebplaysample.pngBbplaysample.png
Fairest Lord Jesus 4,Ebplaysample.pngBbplaysample.png
Give Me Thy Heart 3,Fplaysample.pngCplaysample.png
God Will Take Care of You 4,Bbplaysample.pngFplaysample.png
Hallelujah What a Savior 5,Bbplaysample.pngFplaysample.png
He Hideth My Soul 4,Dplaysample.pngAplaysample.png
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus 5,Cplaysample.pngGplaysample.png
I Need Thee Every Hour 4,Gplaysample.pngDplaysample.png
I Surrender All 4,Dbplaysample.pngAbplaysample.png
Jesus is Calling 4,Bbplaysample.pngFplaysample.png
Jesus the Very Thought of Thee 4,Gplaysample.pngDplaysample.png
Just As I Am 4,Dbplaysample.pngAbplaysample.png
Let Us Break Bread Together 3,Ebplaysample.pngBbplaysample.png
Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing 3,Ebplaysample.pngBbplaysample.png
Love Lifted Me 3,Bbplaysample.pngFplaysample.png
My Savior First of All 4,Gplaysample.pngDplaysample.png
The Lord Bless You and Keep You, 1,Cplaysample.pngGplaysample.png
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross 4,Fplaysample.pngCplaysample.png

Select the SAMPLE buttons to play short audio excerpts. When ordering, choose High (common to most hymnals) or Low (lower range). Our Piano with Organ CDs are a favorite. This is Volume 2, 25 assorted hymns in alphabetical order on one disc, to make it easy to select the track number by title. Each hymn begins with the last line introduction and is piano and organ played together as accompaniment for singing hymns. No voices, frills or arpeggios; just the beautiful Steinway and pipe organ sound.